Radio Discovery
The Voice of the Caribbean

Radio Discovery was on the air from Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic from 1986 to 1989. It was a project of Jeff White and associates after Radio Earth and before WRMI – Radio Miami International. I believe that Rudy Espinal was also involved with this project. They put in a fair signal into Germany when we lived there. Note that Jeff White was the verie signer of this QSL Card.


The Voice of the BENELUX
Schinnen 89.2 MHz

While traveling through the Netherlands in 1989, we listened to AFN stations as we encountered them. In Schinnen, we heard their local programming on their transmitter. In return for a reception report, Henk Nijwening (who I assume was an engineer for AFN Schinnen) kindly sent an AFN QSL, a handwritten letter with information about radio in the local area, and his own personal ham card. This was a follow-up report. The transmitter subsequently moved to Brunnsum where it still is in use. Thank you to Henk for his reply.