Meyerton Transmitting Station Tribute

After the recent announcement that SENTECH was closing down the Meyerton Transmitting Station at the end of March 2019, I am dedicating this gallery to the history of the station. The first broadcasts from this station happened in 1965 with Radio RSA, the Voice of South Africa. It was originally called the Bloemendal Shortwave Station and later it was called H. F. Verwoerd Shortwave Station until 1992 when Radio RSA ceased broadcasting and SENTECH took over operational control of the station after the end of apartheid. It has been known as the Meyerton Transmitting Station since then. Over the years the station has been the host to many broadcasters from South Africa and from other countries.

I am sure that some of the foreign broadcasters will just move their transmitting time to sites like Madagascar, while the most of the domestic broadcasters will continue operations on FM or maybe AM. Still, it is a sad to see a bit of shortwave radio history fade away.

(Scroll down to see the QSLs in this gallery.)

The Voice of the OAS

The Voice of the OAS (Organization of American States) was easy to pick up once you figure out what time they were on the air and one what frequency, That was because they used time on the Voice of America’s transmitters inside the USA. The broadcast for the QSL card below was from VOA’s Bethany, Ohio transmitter.