Divine Mercy Radio

This nice QSL letter from Divine Mercy Radio WETC-AM 540 was in our mailbox today. My wife and I heard it as we drove through the Raleigh area on our way home from Myrtle Beach in February. (Becky drove, and I logged the station.) They were playing a program called More4Life and the topic was “Take Care” and the hosts spoke about having a daily talk ritual between spouses to facilitate communication. We found the program to be interesting. Thank you to Cecelia Flanary, Executive Director of Divine Mercy Radio for the kind reply. We will be sure to listen again when we are traveling through the area again.

The Broadcasting Service of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

The Broadcasting Service of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (BSKSA) is an easily heard broadcaster if you know the time and frequency to tune to. However, they do not readily verify reception reports. But every once in a while they came through. I sent them at least five reception reports and they responded with the following QSL card and letter for my report in 1987. I believe it was for their English language service.