A Dear Old Friend –
Radio Australia

r885952_8834991Radio Australia was a dear old friend on the shortwave bands. They were one of the first stations I heard in 1969. Perhaps it was because of their strong signal or maybe it was because of the fact they broadcast in English. Besides, imagine the mystic of hearing a radio signal from the opposite side of the world. Who can forget their Waltzing Matilda music box interval signal as well as the call of the kookaburra when they signed on?

Listen to the interval signal here.

I listened to them in the late afternoons and early evenings when I lived in Korea beginning in the 1970’s on 9580 kHz.  I liked to  listen to them in the mornings before I going to work also on 9580 kHz.

Unfortunately, they signed off the shortwave bands on 31 January 2017. They still produce programs on other media such as as digital radio, digital television, podcasting, and vodcasting.

Over the years ten Radio Australia QSL cards made it into my collection, each picturing something uniquely Australian.

(Click on the thumbnails below for a larger view.)

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