Pirate Radio Central

This was my first pirate radio QSL. They broadcast on a SW frequency (6240) and a MW frequency (1616). If my fading memory serves me, they somehow tapped into the telephone system and got a phone number for listeners to call. “Pirate Pete” was kind enough to send this QSL in November 1985 for my report.

La Voz del CID
Anti-Castro Clandestine Station

Anyone remember this station?

La Voz del CID (Cuba Independiente y Democratica) was widely heard in the 1980’s. There are lots of interesting stories about this station on various websites on the internet. They responded to my reception report with the QSL card seen below. I can’t remember the address I used for the report. Anyway, it was an anti-Castro station which was said to be links to the US government. This particular outlet identified itself as “Radio Camilo Cienfuegos.”