Thoughts on KBS World Radio Automated QSL Card

Things have certainly changed in the QSLing world. Today, I received an automated QSL from KBS World Radio three minutes after the end of the broadcast using their Korean language online reception report form. The transaction took less than 5 seconds after I clicked on the submit button. The reception was for their Korean transmission via Kimje on 9740 kHz. While I understand the convenience of doing it this way, I feel like I will miss the human touch when no one on the other end looks at my report and sends back a reply. It is exciting to receive a paper QSL by postal mail, and even an email reply is satisfactory when a person is involved…. For me anyway, the hobby of QSLing is not just about getting a QSL card, although that is certainly part of it. It is about connecting with someone on the other end who has taken the time to connect back with the listener whether it is by a QSL card, a letter, or email just to say thank you for listening. What do you all think? And I still love Radio Korea/KBS World Radio.