Fukuoka Broadcasting Corporation
Kabushiki Gaisha Fukuoka Hōsō, FBS)

FBS-TV (Fukuoka Broadcasting Corporation) a UHF TV station in Japan on J-Ch. 37 printed up QSL cards for DXers. I viewed them in Gyeongju (Kyongju), South Korea after their signal traveled across the Sea of Japan via tropospheric ducting (175 miles). They sent this QSL card for my report. It is no data, but it still counts. (Click on the thumbnail/link for a full data.)

KFDX Channel 3
Wichita Falls, Texas

Many DXers probably have had the experience of KFDX Channel 3 in Wichita Falls Texas coming across their TV receivers before the changeover to digital TV. KFDX would occasionally boom into Maryland. They were one of the TV stations what was so common on skip they had a QSL card printed up, like the one here which they sent for my reception report.