Radio Nederland Wereldomroep

Radio Nederland was a mainstay on the shortwave bands and a very popular station among shortwave listeners. International broadcasts from Holland were initiated by Phillips in the mid-1920’s mostly on an experimental basis. Regular broadcasts were heard in 1927. By 1929, the station used the call letters PCJ. During the Second World War, the Dutch government-in-exile produced programs which were transmitted by the BBC. On 15 April 1947, the Stichting Radio Nederland Wereldomroep (Radio Netherlands International Foundation) was established. Later that year broadcasts in English, Spanish, Dutch, and Indonesian began. After 2000, the Dutch government began the process of slowly defunding Radio Nederland and by 2014 all programming had ceased. An organization called RNW Media is Radio Nederland’s successor and they primarily work to build media communities for social change.

DX Jukebox and later the Media Network was a popular program among DXers. The program’s producers provided shortwave listening and DXing tips to its listeners. The Happy Station Show, another popular program ran from 1928 to 1995.

Radio Nederland was a great verifier and included a transmitter site on their QSL cards. You can see the QSL cards I received from them over the years for my reception reports. I managed to hear broadcasts from many of their transmitting stations and relay sites. However, I never verified the original one in Hilversum.

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