KAAY – 1090
Little Rock, Arkansas

KAAY 1090 in Little Rock, Arkansas is a widely heard station. I can hear them here in Maryland under a nulled WBAL (10 miles from WBAL’s transmitter). When our family drove across country from Spokane to Illinois in the 1970’s to visit my grandfather I would sit in the front seat with Dad and listen to them because they were so strong. The above reception was in Utah in 1982 where they were heard fairly regularly.

KFQD 750
Anchorage, Alaska

KFQD could be heard fairly regularly in Spokane back in the 1970’s right at sunrise during the winter and just before KXL in Portland, Oregon would sign on. Now the channel has become a bit crowded, so better than good conditions are required for them to make it through.

WYDE – 850
Birmingham, Alabama

WYDE 850 in Birmingham, Alabama would boom into Maryland at sunset with their 50 kW blowtorch when I first heard them in 1983. I believe they were a country station at the time. Now a gospel station with the callsign of WXJC occupies the channel. Last time I tried, they were still strong before switching to their night time antenna pattern.

QSL from 1983 (The original reception report is bleeding through.)

KSWS 1020
Roswell, New Mexico

QSL card from 1969

KSWS was the first station I heard from New Mexico when I lived in Spokane in 1969. After a few call letter and format changes, the station now on 1020 kHz in Roswell, is a Spanish language station with the call letters of KCKN.

They put in a respectable signal into Spokane 50 years ago. Now the channel is so cluttered with other stations, the current station in Roswell on 1020 is difficult to pick out.