WILM 1450
Wilmington, Delaware

WILM 1450 makes it through the graveyard channel din at night quite often at my listening post here in Maryland. I have managed to pick them up a couple of times in the daytime with WOL in DC nulled. Allan Loudell, program manager for WILM ran a DX test in 2000 and I sent a report to him for my reception of the test. I spoke with him on the phone and he was proud of the fact that his graveyard channel station has its own QSL card.

VINTAGE QSLs from South Korea

Here are a couple cool vintage QSL’s from South Korea. I believe the Radio Korea QSL card from 1957 is from Glenn Hauser, and I obtained the Voice of Free Korea (VOFK) QSL card from eBay. As far as I can determine, the VOFK QSL is from the 1960’s. There is no indication who the owner of it was.

KGA, Spokane, Washington

Beginning in 1927, the call letters KGA have been used in Spokane on AM longer in than any other set of call letters. The station is still operating in Spokane on 1510 kHz. Hope you enjoy these vintage QSLs from the 1930’s and 1940’s.

Images of QSLs, except last one, courtesy of the Committee for the Preservation of Radio Verifications (CPRV) – http://www.ontheshortwaves.com/cprv.html

KFIO Spokane, Washington

(Scroll down to see images of the QSLs)

Here are some vintage QSLs from KFIO Spokane, Washington, two from the 1930’s and one from the 1940’s. KFIO was a predecessor of the current KSBN which operates on 1230 kHz in Spokane. (For more information about KFIO click here.)

The KFIO call letters are now used by a station on 1050 kHz licensed to Dishman, Washington, serving the Greater Spokane area. This station is owned by Thomas Reed of Liberty Broadcasting, LLC

Image of the photos from the Committee for the Preservation of Radio Verifications (CPRV) – http://www.ontheshortwaves.com/cprv.html

The Voice of the Prairies
CFCN 1060 and CFVP 6030
Calgary, Alberta

CFCN i n Calgary, Alberta was the usual channel dominant at night on 1060 kHz in the 1970’s . They were a great QSLer to boot. CFVP on 6030 kHz got out fairly well throughout western North America. DXers in other parts of the world could also pick them up under the right conditions. Since 1994, CKMX has occupied 1060 in Calgary, and as of this writing with a comedy format, with CFVP 6030 still on shortwave now relaying CKMX. The call letters CFCN are still retained by a TV station in Calgary.