JOUB NHK Radio 2
Akita 774 kHz

Nippon Hoso Kyokai’s (NHK’s) Radio 2 outlet in Akita on 774 kHz is an easy catch throughout much of the world. Their 500 kW flamethrower can put in a local like signal on the West Coast of North America and can make it inland with even modest equipment. I sent a reception report directly to the station in 1990 from Seoul and one to the NHK headquarters in Tokyo in 1980 from Utah. They replied with the QSL cards below.

JOUK NHK Radio 1
Akita 1503 kHz

Nippon Hoso Kyokai’s (NHK’s) Radio 1 outlet in Akita on 1503 kHz was an easy catch in Seoul (and probably still is). Their signal was usually rock solid and only had slight fading at sunset before the interfering stations to the west came in. I believe they also are a reliable station on the West Coast of North America. Anyway, with the caricature of an astronaut on the front side, this is one of my favorite Japanese MW QSL cards. They sent a QSL card and letter for my report to them in 1990. (Click on the thumbnail/link for more information.)

Has anyone received a QSL from them lately?