Radio TV Hong Kong
Radio 6
675 kHz

Radio Television Hong Kong (RTHK) Radio 6 can be heard in Seoul in the early morning hours. When I heard them in 1992, they were relaying BBC World Service. They currently broadcast Cantonese and Mandarin language programming from China National Radio (CNR). Their transmitter is located in Peng Chau.

They sent this QSL card for my reception report.

KSWS 1020
Roswell, New Mexico

QSL card from 1969

KSWS was the first station I heard from New Mexico when I lived in Spokane in 1969. After a few call letter and format changes, the station now on 1020 kHz in Roswell, is a Spanish language station with the call letters of KCKN.

They put in a respectable signal into Spokane 50 years ago. Now the channel is so cluttered with other stations, the current station in Roswell on 1020 is difficult to pick out.