CBI 1140
Sydney, Nova Scotia

The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) English Language outlet for the Maritimes signed on the air in 1948 on 1570 kHz. In 1955, CBI moved to 1140 kHz where it remains as of this writing. There are plans for CBI to vacate 1140 kHz to complete a move to FM. However, this has not happened because of issues regarding adequate coverage.

CBI occasionally dominates the channel here in Maryland, overpowering WRVA in Richmond VA. They replied to my reception report with the QSL card seen below.

CBE 1550
Windsor, Ontario

CBE’s predecessor CRCW signed on the air in 1935 broadcasting English language Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) programming in Windsor. Between 1939 and 1950, CBC English programming was carried on the private station CKLW. In 1950, CBE came on the air as CBC’s outlet in Windsor on 1550 kHz. In 2011, CBE left the AM band and CBE’s programming continued on FM.

CBE 1550 would blast into Maryland at night with an almost local like signal. They responded to my 1997 report with this nice QSL card as seen below.

CBL 740
Toronto, Ontario

CBL was the English language outlet for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) for Toronto for many decades. CBL’s predecessor CKGW signed on in 1925 on 910 kHz. After some frequency moves and call sign changes, CBL settled on 740 kHz in 1941. In June 1999, CBL vacated 740 kHz. CBC’s FM outlet 99.1 MHz was assigned the call sign CBLA-FM after CBL-740 left the air

CBL would sneak in on 740 on winter mornings when I lived in Spokane and in Utah. I sent them a report from Spokane in 1977 and they sent me the QSL below

CBK 540
Regina, Saskatchewan

I understand that CBK may have the largest groundwave coverage of any station in Canada. That is believable. I heard them with readable signals in Spokane and Utah all day long. And they have been heard even further by other listeners. At night they can be the channel dominant throughout much of North America.

They sent this nice QSL card for my reception report.

CBM 940
Montreal, Quebec

CBM was the longtime English language Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) anchor in Montreal, Quebec on 940 kHz. Today, 940 in Montreal is occupied with CFNV, which uses a Francophone news/talk format. They were an easy catch in Maryland in the 1980’s. I heard them a few times in Utah and once in Spokane.

In 1983, Lee Fortune of CBM sent the QSL card below for my reception report.