Radio RT4 – 103.4 MHz – Raichberg

Radio RT4 Raichberg Tower
Radio RT4 Raichberg Tower


On a trip to the Black Forest, we picked up Radio RT4 on 103.4 MHz in September 1987.    It is a local radio station in the Neckar-Alb  area. They sent this QSL for my reception report.  I am including a picture of the stick upon which their antenna is mounted. Now the station is called Antenne 1.Not sure how this card got stained.




Funk und Fernsehen Nordwestdeutschland

Radio FFN Network Map
Radio FFN Network Map


We heard Radio FFN on a trip to Northwest Germany (where my Harms ancestors are from) in July 1988. These QSLs are for their transmitters in Lingen on 101.5 MHz and Aurich on 103.1 MHz. The Lingen transmitter serves the Ems area, and the Aurich transmitter serves the Meer (or Sea) area. Radio FFN is owned and operated by Funk und Fernsehen Nordwestdeutschland GmbH in Isernhager.


Radio RPR – Rheinland-Pfälzische Rundfunk

Radio_RPR_Sticker_smallBefore Antenne Bayern came on the air, Radio RPR was an easy catch on my car radio on the foothills of the Bavarian Alps. Below are three QSL cards and a letter I received from them for reception reports. They also send a sticker seen here to the right.

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Radio Regional Heilbronn 100.1 MHz

Radio_Regional_Langenburg_100.1bRadio Regional Heilbronn was a local radio station that came on the air in November 1987. We heard them while traveling through the area in May 1989. They responded to my reception report with this QSL.

Radio_Regional_Langenburg_100.1aToday the 100.1 MHz channel in Langenburg is occupied with Antenne 1 and the 103.2 MHz outlet in Hielbronn is being used by Radio Ton Heilbronn/Franken.

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