Martinsburg, WV

WRNR-AM 740, Martinsburg, WV is what I would call to be a semi-local. They can be heard all day long, but the signal is not local quality and subject to co-channel interference mostly from WVCH and occasionally from CFZM on daytime skywave skip in the winter. Chief Engineer Rodney Rockwell, N8RAT sent this nice QSL letter for a reception report.

Radio 700 via Kall-Krekel
3985 kHz

Radio 700 using the transmitting facilities at Kall-Krekel was heard throughout much of Europe. One morning in 2014 when propagation was favorable and the noise floor was low, their 1 kW signal made it to Maryland. I reached out to the station with a reception report and they responded with the QSL card below.

Radio TV Hong Kong
Radio 6
675 kHz

Radio Television Hong Kong (RTHK) Radio 6 can be heard in Seoul in the early morning hours. When I heard them in 1992, they were relaying BBC World Service. They currently broadcast Cantonese and Mandarin language programming from China National Radio (CNR). Their transmitter is located in Peng Chau.

They sent this QSL card for my reception report.

BBC Radio Wales

BBC Wales was heard on two frequencies when we lived in Southern Germany in the 1980’s. The outlet on 882 kHz using high-powered transmitters was naturally easily heard. 1125 kHz outlet located at Llandrindod Wells was more difficult. This transmitter served the Powys, Mid Wales which relayed the main BBC Wales service and BBC Radio. It also transmitted local programming. The main station in Cardiff responded with the two QSL letters and a coverage map for my reception reports.

The 882 kHz outlet can be easily heard under good conditions along the East Coast of North America, if you are far enough away from the side channel interference from WCBS etc.

NHK Domestic Shortwave Outlets – JKQ21 and JKG21

In 1984 in Seoul, I managed to pick up two NHK domestic outlets on shortwave. NHK Kumamoto 6130 kHz (JKQ21) sent nice handwritten letter for a report of their transmission. NHK in Tokyo responded with a Radio Japan QSL card for a report of NHK Hiroshima 6175 kHz (JKG21). They put out fair signals into Seoul and were quite readable.

I am not sure but I believe these were links from the key stations to their subordinate stations.

TIS WQFG989 1710
Hudson County, New Jersey

Earlier this week, this verification of WQFG989 operated by the Hudson County Office of Emergency Management arrived in our mailbox. The station was mostly in the clear on 1710 kHz so it might be possible to hear it on the West Coast of North America, or at a high latitude listening post in Europe. Thank you to Coordinator Jim Woods for taking the time to type up and send this letter.