WMUC-AM 645 kHz
Carrier Current Station
University of Maryland

WMUC-AM was a student-operated carrier current station on 645 kHz located at the University of Maryland in College Park. As noted in the QSL letter below the reception was made in the parking lot across from the Jewish Student Center on campus. According to my measurements on a map of the campus, the reception was made about 1600 feet away from the transmitter at Montgomery Hall. How’s that for DX? From what I understand they moved to 650 kHz to avoid interference from WMAL on 630 kHz. WMUC-AM ceased operation in 1999, but its successor, WMUC-FM, continues on 88.1 MHz.

REF: For more information about this station see, Saving College Radio: WMUC Past, Present and Future https://www.lib.umd.edu/wmuc

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