QSLs from Japan’s Overseas Service – Radio Japan/NHK World Radio Japan.

Over time, Radio Japan has crafted an array of captivating QSL cards. The earliest in this compilation harks back to 1969 when Radio Japan solely broadcasted from Yamata, Japan. Since then, their reach has extended to over 20 different sites, primarily through lease agreements. During the late 1970s and early 1980s, I had the honor of serving as an official monitor for Radio Japan.

In the 1990s, NHK opted to rebrand its overseas service, transitioning from Radio Japan to NHK World Radio Japan. Despite the name change, the station’s essence remains unaltered.

At present, my collection comprises 54 distinctive QSL issues originating from 18 transmitter sites. It’s probable that more additions will enrich the collection in the future..

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