WHAG-AM 1410 kHz
Halfway, Maryland

I received this response from Alpha-Media Radio Group for a reception report (and follow-up) for WHAG-AM 1410. The report included a request to verify my reception by letter on their letterhead or by QSL Card if they had them. I sent $2 and a self-addressed stamped envelope for postage and handling. I used the “I want to make a connection with you” approach. Does this explain why many stations do not reply to reception reports?

I wonder if somehow the shorthand phrase “QSL” has a poor connotation with some radio station folks. That could be understandable, if the perception that DXers have no interest in their station other than receiving a precious QSL. I admit may have come across that way to station personnel at times. Maybe a change in approach is needed. Something I have been trying lately is to state something to the effect that I am happy to be part of their audience even if it is from a distance and for short time and completely avoid the use of QSL in the report. The report ends up being, “hey I heard your station, and it was a great experience. I like to make connections with radio stations I hear and would love to hear back from you.” And ask them questions about their station.Remember that stations don’t have to reply, and they are actually doing DXers a favor.

What do you think?

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