WRNO World Wide –
The Rock of New Orleans

WRNO, the Rock of New Orleans, first came on the air in February 1982 with a rock format. Its founder and owner was Joseph Costello III. The station started out with its own separate programming and later rebroadcast programming from its sister station WRNO-FM 99.5. It also leased time to religious and political broadcasters, and served as the shortwave outlet for the Rush Limbaugh Show and the New Orleans Saints Football Team. Radio Earth was one of the broadcasters which leased time on WRNO.

The station was off the air for several years due to a damaged transmitter. The religious broadcaster, Good News World Outreach, purchased the station in 2001. Progress to get the station back on the air was slowed when the antenna received damage in Hurricane Katrina. Finally, the station started to resume a fairly regular broadcasting schedule in 2009. The station can now be heard on 7505 kHz.

They issued several different QSL cards and a charter listener certificate personally signed by Mr. Costello. Below, you can see the QSL cards they sent for my reception reports, plus a bonus Rush Limbaugh QSL and a charter listener certificate.

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