World Harvest Radio

World Harvest Radio (WHR) officially first signed the air on Christmas Day 1985 with the call sign WHRI using a transmitter in Noblesville, Indiana. WHR stopped transmitting from Noblesville in 2003 and moved WHRI Cypress Creek, South Carolina where it still broadcasts.

In 1993, WHR opened up a second station in Naalehu, Hawaii with the callsign KWHR. This station remained on the air until 2009 when WHR moved its Pacific-Asian operations to Palau to a station which had been used by High Adventures Ministries. The new call sign for the Palau station is T8WH which is still on the air.

A third station transmitted from Greenbush, Maine from 1998 to 2009 using the call sign WHRA. This station is no longer on the air.

This gallery contains at least one QSL from each of the five transmitting stations used by World Radio Radio. Their headquarters is in South Bend, Indiana and reception reports can be sent to WHR on their web site at

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