KC2XIO 13.56 MHz

Almost 49 years ago in July 1970, I heard a mystery station called KC2XIO. It transmitted a time signal on 13.56 MHz. and according to the email reply below was associated with WWV and the National Bureau of Standards in Fort Collins. I heard them just six days after they first came on the air and decided last week to send an inquiry to the folks at WWV with some questions. The first image below is their response to my email. The second image is my email with questions about the station. The third and fourth images are a QSL letter and a prepared QSL card returned to a DXer in 1971.

I believe I sent them a reception report in 1970, but did not receive a reply. I am glad they took the time to reply this time with answers to my questions. I think this could be considered a verification almost 49 years after the fact, and would like to count it as such. What do you think?

Obviously, the QSL card in the banner is not mine, but an image of the prepared card from 1971.

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