Nome, Alaska

This QSL from KICY AM 850 in Nome, Alaska is my first MW QSL received by email. And it is a good one. I heard them in October 2006 on a Grayland expedition and sent off a reception report earlier this week to the General Manager, Patty Burchell. She responded with the QSL letter seen below. That means about 12.5 years elapsed between the reception of the station and receiving the QSL. THANK YOU VERY MUCH.

Ms. Burchell notes that KICY is the only American AM station with an international license for its audience in Russia.

Ms. Burchell sent this to me in the email with the QSL attached. I found it to be interesting. “I have had the opportunity to listen to the recording you sent, and it is indeed KICY. the voice after the ID is our Russian Language Programmer, Luda Kinok. She has been with us since about 2006, and is originally from a small village on the coast of Eastern Russia. We broadcast in the Russian language from 11 pm to 4 am daily. We do get responses from our Russian listeners on occasion. When Luda was needing to return to Russia every year to renew her Religious Worker’s visa she was treated as a rock star. Everyone knows Luda! Because of the changes in things in Russia, Luda applied for, and received asylum two years ago, and no longer travels back and forth.”

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