Christian Broadcasting System – CBS

South Korea’s Christian Broadcasting System (CBS/기독교방송) is a nationwide radio radio network. Beginning with HLKY in Seoul in 1954 on AM, the network spread to five stations by 1961 (Seoul, Iri (now Jeonju), Gwangju, Daegu, and Pusan.) Today the radio network consists of the original AM and numerous FM outlets serviced by three network programming feeds and 13 regional stations.

Over the years they sent QSL cards for my reception reports of all five of the AM outlets. I visited all of the AM stations except the one in Gwangju.

For audio clips scroll down below the QSLs.


HLKY 837 kHz Seoul
14 June 1990 9:00 AM KST. (0000 UTC)
CBS Campaign, weather, top of hour identification, ad for Hyundai Electronics, time pips sponsored by Hyundai Electronics, and new program.

HLKY 837 kHz Seoul
22 June 1990 4:55 AM KST (1955 UTC)
Full Sign On

HLKT 1251 kHz Daegu
18 November 1989 9:00 AM (2300 UTC)
End of ad for a Boiler, program preview, TOH identification, CBS song, time pips and local programming.

HLKP 1404 kHz Pusan
17 June 1990 3:00 PM (0600 UTC)
Program preview, TOH identification, spot for Hyundai Electronics, time pips, more programming.

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