Busan MBC – 부산 MBC
HLKU 1161 kHz and FM

HLKU was the very first South Korean station I heard. I remember sitting in a barber chair in Busan my first day in Korea in December 1975 and hearing the slogan MBC on the radio playing in the background.

Over the years during our visits and stay in Korea, they could be easily heard in Seoul. I also made sure to tune them in when we visited Busan. They replied to my reception reports with the QSL cards seen below.

HLKU ( Busan Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation or Busan MBC or 부산문화방송) first signed on the air on 15 April 1959. HLKU currently operates on 1161 using 20 kW. MBC Busan also operates a television station and two FM stations.

Scroll for two audio clips from 1990 and QSL cards received from HLKU.

HLKU-FM 88.9 MHz 16 June 1990

HLKU-AM 1161 kHz on 18 June 1990

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