KGA 1510
Spokane, Washington

KGA 1510 in Spokane may have been the most widely heard station from Washington state. They first signed on the air on February 4, 1927. Although KGA has had several owners (including Gonzaga University), has changed frequency several times, and has had its studio and transmitter site relocated over the years, it has retained the same set of call letters from its founding. In fact, the call sign KGA has been continuously used in Spokane longer than any other set of call letters.

In the late 1960’s they were a Top 40 station competing against KJRB and KREM in the Spokane radio market. For many years following that, they were a popular country and western station. in 1994, KGA switched their format to news talk. In April 2008 they switched to a sports format. For further information about the history of KGA click here.

They were an easy catch in Utah and I have a tentative reception of them here in Maryland. They sent replied with a QSL to me for my 1974 reception in Utah for a report.

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