WDAY 790
Fargo, North Dakota

See QSL images below.

WDAY is a pioneer radio station which was first licensed in May 1923 with their present call letters, making it the oldest radio station in North Dakota. Also, they are one of the few stations west of the Mississippi with calls that start with “W” because they were licensed before the Mississippi Rule for license allocations.

In Spokane, WDAY 970 in Fargo, North Dakota was a rare catch in the 1970’s because of the local station KREM. Even when they signed off, KOOK in Billings, Montana and KOIN in Portland, Oregon usually played havoc on the channel. On Christmas morning in 1971, KREM, KOOK, and KOIN were off the air, so I decided to send a reception report to WDAY. They sent this QSL card in response. If my memory serves me, they were playing Christmas music.

As of this writing, WDAY’s format is NewsTalk.

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