WANN 1190
Annapolis, Maryland

WANN 1190 Annapolis signed on the air in 1947 and went off the air in 1998. Mr. Morris Blum, General Manager replied to my reception report with a QSL card and a QSL letter. Soon after WANN went off the air, the transmitter site in south Annapolis was demolished and WBIS started transmitting on 1190 duplexing from WNAV 1430’s transmitter site.
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The WCRW or China Radio International Chapter

China Radio International bought block time on WBIS until early 2011. Later in 2011, Potomac Radio Group started to broadcast on 1190 kHz using the call letters WCRW transmitting from WAGE Leesburg’s transmitter site which had been using 1200 kHz. This meant that the license for 1190 in Annapolis was deleted. WCRW has been broadcasting programs from China Radio International on 1190 kHz since then.

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