Gaweylon Tibetan Radio Program

This nice package arrived today in the mail from the Gaweylon Tibetan Radio Program. The package included a QSL folder, postcard, business with frequency schedule, and a nice letter from program director Anil R. Alfred. According to Mr. Alfred, my report is the second one they have received from the USA, which I find  surprising. I sent the report via the email address on the card, The signal on 15,215 kHz from Dhabbaya, UAE was not very good, but a few times peaked to a listenable level. This broadcaster has been on the air for 25 years.

Many thanks to Anil R. Alfred for taking the time to send such a nice reply. Their website is at

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  1. Not so surprising at all that yours is only the second report from the USA, Bill.

    Mine was the first they’d ever received from the USA, about two years ago, after I had ‘found’ this long-time overlooked broadcaster and then publicized their SWBC existence in the DXing community via NASWA, DXLD, etc. Alfred was astounded that they were well heard in the USA (yes, at times Gaweylon is very well heard — good time/fqy combination, just need good prop conditions). Regards, Ralph Perry

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