Radio Wil

vOld Town Wil Altstadt von Wil
Altstadt von Wil or Old Town Wil

We heard Radio Wil, a local station in the town of Wil, St. Gallen, on 93.1 MHz on one of our trips to Switzerland. They were playing country music, and I could recognize some of the titles, so I decided to sent them a reception report. They replied with this nice letter in German. According to the letter, in addition to their local programming, they also broadcast programs in German from other sources like the Swiss Broadcasting Corporation.

From what I have gathered, this station was founded in April 1985, but is no longer on the air and the frequency of 93.1 MHz in the town of Wil is now occupied by a station called Radio Top.

You can see the QSL letter below


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  1. Radio Wil was independently until 1998; then they merged with Radio Eulach and Radio Thurgau and the name changed to Radio Top. Radio Top abadoned the local programs one year ago, now its just one program for the whole pretty great region.

    1. Christian, thank you for the information. We also heard Radio Thurgau, but not Radio Eulach. I added your information to the Radio Thurgau narrative.

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