World Mission Radio

World_Missionary_Radio_6215_19880731_aThis QSL card verifies my reception of World Mission Radio via famous Radio Caroline on board the ship Ross Revenge. However, the name of a station or broadcaster does not appear on the card. So, a little detective work is required to determine the name of the station.

The first obvious things on the card are the mailing address and the phone number. A web search reveals that they match the address and phone number of The Johan Maasbach World Mission Foundation in The Hague. Hmmm, a possible connection. Further investigation reveals that in the late 1980’s, this missionary foundation broadcast programs using Radio Caroline’s transmitter on the ship Ross Revenge. So we have it.

The station is called a pirate station because it was unlicensed.

World Mission Radio first signed on the air on 1 May 1988, and was closed down on 18 August 1989 by Dutch and British authorities. The format was Dutch and English religious programming. A successor to this station called Maasbach Radio streams programming from the web site

You can read more about this broadcasters at

I feel fortunate to hear and verify this station even though its name does not appear on the card.


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