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  1. Hi Bill:
    We cam across your great site and wondered whether you would like to join our BQO (Broadcast QSL Online) project. Check out where we are putting together a unique data base. We are currently filling the pot with about 20.000 of ouir 60.000 cards in our own collection (progressed to P, so far). Before year’s end we will go online with a BQO website – so far we are just using our own The project invites every BC QSL collector to join/add without interfering into his/her own cards. We download from the collector (or invite him to upload himself) and only publish the cards. Any handling is being done between the inquiring person and the collector. (We could very well, with your permission, copy some/those cards from your public collection that we currently do not have ourselves or from another collector. Misuse is excluded due to the heavy watermark.)
    Please let me know your opinion.
    Wolf Harranth (OE1WHC), Curator DokuFunk (Documentary Archives Radio Communication)

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