Heilongjiang People’s Broadcasting Station,
Harbin, China
4915 kHz

Heilongjiang People’s Broadcasting Station in Harbin, China was a shortwave re-broadcaster on 4915 kHz. The name of the station in Chinese is 黑龙江人民广播电台 (Pinyin: Hēilóngjiāng Rénmín Guǎngbō Diàntái). The station’s successor Long Guang (Chinese: 龙广 Pinyin: Lóngguǎng) or Dragon Broadcaster in English does not broadcast on shortwave. I heard this station regularly on the West Coast of the USA around 1980. I sent a report to the Central Broadcasting Station in Beijing and they responded with the QSL card below.

For radio country counters, this station was located in the Manchuria portion of China (NASWA), a country that no longer has a shortwave station from what I understand.

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