A Rescue QSL

Deutsche_Welle_Trincomalee _20151025_15275aThis is a rescue QSL.

It was found in the ditch next to our mailbox. I have no idea how it got there. It was water logged and slightly soiled, but the writing was still legible. The only printing that was smudged was part of the bar code on the bottom of the card. I took the poor thing into the house and placed it in between two books to dry out and to keep it flat as it was starting to curl up.

The card verifies reception of Deutsche Welle’s (DW) Swahili language service via the Trincomalee, Sri Lanka relay station on 15275 kHz.

Despite being handled roughly, the QSL is in good enough shape that I can place it in my collection. I already had a QSL for a report on DW via Trincomalee, but it did not contain the transmitter site name. So this is “officially” the first DW QSL for this site in my collection


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