Radio Monitors International

Adrian Peterson - courtesy of
Adrian Peterson – courtesy of

Radio Monitors International was broadcast over the Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation from 1975. The producer was the well-known DXer Adrian Peterson. It was a DXer oriented program which featured a station profile and DXing information. A North American edition of the program was broadcast on Radio Earth from 1985 to 1986.

I happened upon the program during a visit to Korea in 1984. I had to send two reports to the station because the first one never made it. Adrian sent a nice letter, a QSL card, and an EKKO stamp in reply for my reception report.  (Anyone remember EKKO Stamps?) My report number was 12777. Adrian still signs QSL cards, now doing it for Adventist World Radio. I don’t know how one would tabulate the number of times someone signs a QSL card, but if I were to bet, I believe that Adrian probably has signed more of them than anyone else in the world.


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