Nederlandse Omroep Stichting (NOS)

Nederlandse Omroep Stichting building

In the wake of the news that the Dutch radio stations on 675, 747, and 1251 kHz went off the air earlier this week (Click here) and that the medium wave tower at Lopik was already taken down after 75 years of service (Click here), I would like to feature this set of QSLs.

We could here the NOS medium wave outlets at our home in southern Germany. The QSL for the FM outlet is from a trip we took to Ostfriesland, Germany.  That outlet was easily heard there.

Your comments are welcome. Please scroll down to see the QSL cards that they sent in reply to my reception reports.

2 thoughts on “Nederlandse Omroep Stichting (NOS)”

  1. Very sad to see the 675 kHz mast being felled… Hopefully the remaining 747/1008 kHz Flevoland station can be fully preserved as a museum /testimony to the rich history of medium wave broadcasting.

    73 de ON4WIX Glenn
    Antwerp, Belgium

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