Falkland Islands Broadcasting Station – 3958 kHz – 27 Sept 1985

FIBS_3958I managed to hear this one and sent a reception report in 1985. They were not that difficult of a catch and could be heard with moderately strong signals when conditions were good. This one is a real goodie.

One thought on “Falkland Islands Broadcasting Station – 3958 kHz – 27 Sept 1985”

  1. This was the dream station for Kiwi DXers, I even made a special exception to log it on SW. Same card. They had so many reports from New Zealand they gave time checks as ‘it’s x o’clock in the Falklands and x o’clock in New Zealand’. We had followed the Argentine invasion with much interest, and a former FIBS broadcaster lived nearby and she was excited to hear her old station again.

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