Canadian Forces Network Brunssum – CFNB
91.5 MHz

This is a verification for a reception report of Canadian Forces Network Brunssum, Netherlands, heard on 13 July 1989 on 91.5 MHz. Like my report for AFN-SHAPE Maastrict, my original report must have gotten lost in the mail. They sent a copy of their original answer and a new letter for a follow-up in 1991. This station went off the air in 2014. I am happy with this one.

Radio San Marino International

Radio San Marino International was an unlicensed station which claimed to be broadcasting from the Republic of San Marino. Most of the DX world was not convinced at the time. Instead the consensus was that its signal emitted from Germany. It was widely heard throughout Europe and North America, and beyond in December 1997 on 7580 kHz. I was fortunate to pick them up. They responded with the  following QSL card.