KSL Translator 1100 kHz in Marriott Center

KSL_Translator_Provo_1100 a
This QSL for an AM translator or re-broadcaster of KSL-AM 1160 is a rare and unique one. In my college days I attended every BYU basketball game at the Marriott Center that I could. One time I decided to bring my Realistic TRF to a game to see if I could pick up the play-by-play on KSL. Unfortunately, the signal was mostly blocked. I tuned around a bit and heard the play-by-play on the odd frequency of 1100 kHz. Hmmmm, what was going on?

KSL_Translator_Provo_1100 b

I made a note and sent a prepared QSL card off to the kind folks at Broadcasting House in Salt Lake City, where KSL is located. John Dehnel, KSL Chief Engineer, noted that they used a 100-mW homebrew translator as the transmitter and the antenna was a leaky coax around the Marriott Center.

I think they used this translator for several more games. I don’t believe they are still using it.