CBJC 1 FM – Belleville, ON – 94.3 MHz

While on vacation near Rochester, NY over the Labor Day weekend, I heard the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) French language outlet on 94.3 MHz. In return for my reception report to the studios in Toronto, CBC sent the nice coverage map below and a QSL letter. Thank you Vincent Chenier.

Looking at the coverage map, the signal traveled a short distance over land and then straight across Lake Ontario before reaching my listening post in Walworth, New York. The signal was actually pretty strong, I assume due to some sort of tropospheric ducting propagation as the signal is usually not that strong.

Radio Nacional de España (RNE) – Madrid – 585 kHz

This QSL card and letter from Radio Nacional de España was left in my mailbox this afternoon. It was for their station on 585 kHz with the transmitter located at Majadahonda, Madrid, Spain. It was strong for about 30 or so minutes and I was able to pick out enough program details for the kind staff at the station to verify.It is RNE number 5 in my collection. A big thank you to José Antonio Garcia Merino for taking the time and effort to answer my reception report.